Bringing Landlords and Tenants Together.

After being successful landlords in the Canary Wharf area we decided that our skills could be utilised to help other landlords.

On some occasions we had a property that looked like it would have a void period, so we instructed an ‘agency’ – and on every occasion we managed to find a tenant quicker.

We were always bewildered by the lack of professionalism of a number of these company representatives.

We also then had the problems of getting keys returned and on one occasion finding that the flat had been used by the agency staff for a party!

We gave up using agencies years ago.

Now we are offering the our own services as a ‘consultancy’, at cheap, visible costs to all landlords who want to manage their own properties.

Our service is to find landlords quality tenants fast, negotiate rental levels, check references, issue an AST and get the tenants into occupation as soon as possible.

We are are not interested in ‘extension fees’, we are totally visible/negotiable in our cost structure. For those landlords looking for a ‘full management’ service we can discuss this possibility.

Our services are also a bonus for potential tenants, those looking for flats. Imagine avoiding the fees of normal ‘agencies’, and some of the abnormal fees! Imagine being able to see more than one property (at your envisaged price) when you visit a location, imagine the ease of negotiation with a professional intermediary, imagine being guided through the whole ‘holding deposit’, ‘AST’, ‘tenancy deposit’, ‘inventory’ process by a qualified person.

Bringing landlords and tenants together.

Both landlords and potential tenants benefit from our ‘consultancy’ services.

How did we get here?

Our Head Consultant had a long and varied career in the City of London, working for various institutional investors and Investment Banks. He is now concentrating his activities into the Rent Facilitator concept, as he truly believes that it is a service that will be appreciated and that has tremendous growth potential. He believes that the ‘consultancy’ services offered at a straight price are exactly what landlords require and that potential tenants should face no fees when looking for property.

Since leaving The City he has passed the exams for the NFOPP Technical award in Residential Letting and Property Management, has qualified as an accredited member of the LLAS, and he is a member of NLA. He is also an Associate of the CFA society of the UK (CFA).